Real Estate

Real Estate Attorneys in Millburn NJ

real estate broker or sale agent giving consultation to customer about buying house sign agreement document contractGWB attorneys represent both buyers and sellers of residential and commercial real estate. Our attorneys are highly experienced in negotiating the transaction, protecting our clients’ rights, and closing the deal.

In addition to real estate transactions, a myriad of problems arise in connection with the ownership of property, such as title problems, boundary disputes, tax issues, liens, environmental, leasing and landlord tenant. In all such matters our attorneys seek to advance our clients’ interests to achieve the results which they want and need in the most cost-effective manner possible.

We handle commercial and residential real estate transactions involving from tens of thousands to millions of dollars. Our real estate lawyers represent businesses and individuals in transactions involving distressed property and foreclosure.

Commercial Real Estate

We offer a complete array of commercial real estate services including contract negotiation, financing analysis, commercial leases and closing services. In coordination with our Corporate Department, GWB attorneys will create LLC’s or corporations to own your investment real estate, protecting yourself and your other assets from lawsuits and creditors.

Depending on whether a commercial lease is for a free-standing office or retail, an industrial building or for office or retail space, and depending in the nature of the tenant’s business, there are particular issues which have to be addressed with great care in commercial leases.

Landlord Tenant

GWB offers services in both residential and commercial landlord tenant disputes. Our firm has served both landlords and tenants including individuals, partnerships and corporations with their eviction, leases and other tenancy issues that may arise.

Local Land Use

GWB attorney’s assist real estate investors and commercial developers in all aspects of the acquisition, due diligence and approval process. We also have strong relationships for purchases, sales and leasing needs. Our land use team represents private clients in all facets of zoning and variance issues.

Clients count on GWB’s attorneys to create solutions for many of the toughest challenges they face. Our extensive experience enables us to present a number of pragmatic options to our clients. Where we can, we work to avoid litigation. But when litigation is our clients’ only – or best – alternative, we provide aggressive, cost-effective advocacy, at the trial court and appellate levels, and before our state courts and the federal courts.

Real Estate Litigation

Real estate litigation is an extremely broad area of law. For the skilled attorney, disputes and issues arise between homeowners in the course of a sale/purchase, between neighbors and even involving your local municipality. Municipal issues can involve complaints filed by other residents or supposed violations of local ordinances.

A good real estate lawyer can also help with landlord-tenant disputes, foreclosure issues, property tax issues and local approval requests for residential and commercial building projects. It might also involve suing a contractor or other tradesperson for faulty workmanship or failing to properly perform under their contract or agreement.

If you have an issue which you would like to discuss with one of our litigators, contact us at any time.

Residential Tax Appeals

If you think your property taxes are too high, you may be entitled to a reduction. Depending on your municipality, the assessed value of your property may be too high relative to current property values and results in a property tax calculation that is not in line with values.

For this purpose, GWB handles appeals for both homeowners and commercial/investment property owners. While appeals must be filed by April 1st of each tax year, there are many times of the year when local tax assessors can be approached to discuss a reduction in the following year. In addition, if you are a commercial property owner, certain forms and filings must be completed during the current year to retain your rights of appeal for the coming year.

Auction of Real Estate

An increasing number of real estate owners who desire to sell their real estate in a sluggish market are considering alternate avenues including having their properties auctioned rather than marketed in the conventional method. This type of auction is far removed from an auction pursuant to a court order in a mortgage foreclosure or bankruptcy.

A New Jersey real estate broker undertaking to obtain listing of properties for marketing through the auction method should engage the services not only of a qualified auctioneer but also of an attorney with detailed knowledge of what is truly involved.

Residential Closings

The process of closing title on the purchase of your new home or sale of a former residence can be a stressful time in your life. Between deadlines for inspections and mortgage contingencies, as well as all of the paperwork and costs associated with the purchase, you need an attorney that will see you through closing as smoothly as possible. GWB attorneys make every attempt to keep all parties to the transaction involved in the process since communication is often the key to a smooth and fast closing.