Licensing/Administration Law

NJ Professional Licensing Attorney

State governments in the U.S. have jurisdiction for issuing most professional licenses to individuals and corporations. In areas that naturally cross states borders, the national government may be the issuer. Thus, the Federal Aviation Administration licenses pilots. The Federal Communications Commission certifies persons operating amateur and many commercial radio transmitters.

Fields that are regulated and licensed vary among individual states. Among regulated fields are health care professionals (medical doctors, nurses); psychologists; lawyers; teachers; engineers; social workers, occupational therapists, architects; tradesmen (plumbers, electricians), and certain service industry workers (bartenders; massage therapists; barbers).

Licensed professionals might face complaints filed by patients/clients or employees to their regulatory boards or an organization to which they are affiliated (such as a hospital). Potential fines, suspensions or even lifetime terminations can result from subsequent hearings and investigations. Our experienced team of administrative attorneys can represent you and guide you to the best result possible under a given situation. To protect your rights and, hopefully, maintain your professional credentialing, never tackle these issues on your own. If you receive any sort of complaints or face any licensing issues, contact our office right away.