Criminal Defense

White Collar Criminal Attorney in Millburn NJ

businessman in handcuffsWe live in a country where those accused of a crime are presumed innocent, unless and until they are proven guilty in a Court of Law.

Goodgold West & Bennett LLC is dedicated to protecting those rights for individuals or corporations, who are either formally charged or are under investigation by Federal, State, County, or Municipal Authorities. If you, or someone in your company, have been approached by a law enforcement official or have received a subpoena for you or your corporation to produce records or to appear to testify, you should immediately seek legal counsel to protect your or your corporation’s rights. The GWB attorneys will respond to investigations or allegations to safeguard your reputation and that of your corporation.

White Collar Crime allegations are, in many instances, closely related to regulatory, administrative board, and civil fraud allegations. If you are being investigated by any government agency, you may find those matters referred to another regulatory agency or a law enforcement agency. The time to seek legal assistance is immediately upon learning of any such investigation.

White Collar Fraud

White Collar Crime includes all aspects of fraud, including business fraud, insurance fraud, credit card fraud, check fraud, bank fraud, wherein a person or an entity is accused of obtaining money or something of value, by deceptive means. White collar Crime also includes official corruption, stealing of trade secrets, corporate espionage, counterfeiting, identity fraud, and other non-violent crimes in which deception or a violation of the public trust is involved.

Investigations into you, your company, or your employees can not only put your liberty at risk; but, even if eventually proved to be false allegation, can ruin your reputation, your company’s reputation and the financial position of you and/or your company. With years of experience investigating and defending allegations of white collar crime, the lawyers at GWB will represent you, your company and/or your employees through investigations, administrative procedures and litigation and defend your rights and reputation.

Insurance Fraud – Professionals:

Insurance fraud allegations against medical and legal professionals can be based upon false or misleading statements or upon omission of pertinent information in seeking payments from an insurance carrier. Medical professionals and attorneys, who are accused as participants in alleged insurance fraud schemes, also stand to risk losing their license to practice and facepotential financial ruin.

If you are being investigated by any office of the Attorney General, county prosecutors, professional licensing boards or insurance carriers or are charged or sued by any of these entities, you should immediately seek legal representation to defend you and protect your rights.

White Collar – Misconduct, Malfeasance and Corruption:

Corruption, Official Misconduct, or Official Malfeasance is generally defined as a crime in which any government official, such as those holding political offices or those in law enforcement, abuse their powers and corrupt the legal system in some way. These crimes involve those in positions of trust abusing that power to commit some illegal act. In New Jersey, public officials who are accused of corruption can face serious legal penalties if they are found guilty in addition to losing their position and losing their pensions. Many times these allegations are false, brought forward by a disgruntled employee, or someone else harboring animosity towards the government official. Upon learning you are being investigated for such an allegation, you should immediately seek experienced counsel from the attorneys at GWB Law Firm.

Governmental Subpoena of Records:

A government subpoena is issued by a Court, a Grand Jury, an Administrative Agency or a Licensing Board with the authority to compel a witness’s testimony or order the production of evidence. Failure to comply can incur penalties, including imprisonment and monetary fines.

If you, your company or an employee of your company receives a subpoena, you should immediately seek experienced counsel.

Expungment of Criminal Records

Being charged with or convicted of a crime can have a tremendous impact on one’s life. Not only must the person pay fines and possibly serve jail time but he/she is also left with a criminal record of the arrest and conviction. If not expunged, a record of your arrest, charge, or conviction remains on file; and, are generally considered public record. The attorneys at GWB can file the necessary documents for you; and, notice all the agencies on your behalf.

Once expunged, you can legally state you were not charged, arrested or convicted of the expunged crimes.

Investigations of employee embezzlement and misconduct

If you run a business, it’s a fact of life that eventually you will have an employee who engages in some kind of misconduct; or, discovery an employee stealing money from the company.You may be subject to a whistleblower’s complaint, alleging that illegal conduct or harmful conduct is taking place.  When these things happen, the best protection for the business usually involves a thorough and complete investigation.  Done correctly, an investigation can help to provide the protection to your financial interests.  An issue ignored or not properly investigated however, can cause more legal and financial problems for you. The attorneys at GWB can assist you in protecting your interests and that of your business, when facing such allegations.