Is It Ever Too Late for a Nuptial…

Ever found yourself wondering about the seemingly complex world of marital agreements? It’s common to think about a prenuptial agreement before tying the knot, but what about a post-nuptial agreement in NJ? Believe it or not, the beauty of such an agreement is that it’s never truly too late to consider. In this dynamic

Types of White Collar Crimes

In the state of New Jersey, with its diverse industries and commercial enterprises, the term ‘white collar crime’ has unfortunately become an all-too-familiar phrase. You’ve perhaps come across it in a headline, during a water-cooler conversation, or in the midst of a boardroom discussion. However, when that phrase unexpectedly shifts from the abstract to

Modifications to Child Custody Agreements

Bringing a child into the world can be a very wonderful and joyous experience. While having a child can come with a lot of joy, it is also important that the child is properly taken care of. In some situations, particularly when there is a divorce or the child’s parents are not married, a

Child Support Modifications

Child support is a notoriously hot-button topic in family law cases. Issues involving children and money tend to get emotional, even in the best of times. Depending on the circumstances of both parties at the time of the child support ruling and how long ago that was, you may be considering approaching the court

Healthcare Directives

Planning for your future healthcare and medical needs is very important. One document that can ensure your wishes are met is a healthcare directive. These can offer specific guidance for how you can be cared for in certain situations. There is much that you should understand about healthcare directives, what they can do, and

Law Firm Restructures as Goodgold West & Bennett

Millburn, NJ, February 16, 2023 – The members of Maitlin Maitlin Goodgold Brass & Bennett announce the restructuring and rebranding of the firm to Goodgold West & Bennett LLC. The full service law firm, located in Millburn, NJ, provides general legal services as well as specialized expertise in various practice areas including: complex litigation,