Richard A. West, Esq.

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Attorney Richard A. West, Esq.

I am a member of the New Jersey law firm Goodgold Feinberg & Bennett LLC, where I dedicate my practice to Administrative Law and Litigation.

My clients represent a broad cross-section of industries, and I maintain specialties in defending healthcare practitioners against sanctions from disciplinary boards. I defend businesses against suspected violations of the New Jersey Consumer Fraud Act. I counsel professional service firms such as accountants, engineers, insurance agents, mortgage bankers and real estate brokers and agents on a variety of procedural matters.

I manage compliance matters on behalf of my clients so they can focus on conducting their businesses and resolve challenges that cause business interruption. Many of my clients view me as their outside General Counsel.

My healthcare industry clients include licensed doctors, nurses, dentists and therapists as well as medical centers, hospitalist associations and medical societies. I am renowned for my capability to mitigate damages associated with a disciplinary board action and I negotiate to get licenses to practice reinstated. I also litigate for my healthcare clients to receive fair compensation, employment contracts and insurance reimbursements.

My prior experience at the New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs provided invaluable strategic insights into the agency’s current practices. Clients facing legal action under the Consumer Fraud Act seek my representation to resolve a Consumer Fraud Act issue expeditiously and enable my clients to resume business without reputational damage.

If you are facing a disciplinary action from a licensing board or your business has been accused of violating the Consumer Fraud Act, or you are a professional in need of guidance regarding matters of industry compliance, I would be pleased to handle your matter discreetly and enable you to focus fully on your business once again.